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Joanette Rodriguez

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Joanette shows a great deal of courage as she shares her story with refreshing transparency and audacious faith. If you think you can't get through your trial, grab this book and be encouraged! 

I first met Joanette in a financial aid office at a different college while trying to figure out aid for the summer courses that I was taking. It was God’s divine plan for us to meet. She is a light in the darkness and a constant encouragement of God’s goodness and mercies. I would have never thought that his plan would lead me to having a mentor, friend and sister in Christ like her. Her story will change your life, just like she has changed mine.

In life you come across many people, but there are times when you meet someone that for one reason or another becomes a highlight in your life.  Their story resonates in your heart giving you a perspective on life, to give you strength in what may come your way, to embrace your gratitude, and blessings...even leading you or reconfirming your faith in just how powerful is our Lord Almighty. Joanette is that person. Botija is that book.






Every woman in the world needs to read this book. My cousin, my love, my sponsor, and role model has told her story which I'm going to say is more than 50% my story. Spread the word and invest in God's Kingdom, yourself, and others.

If you know anyone struggling with pain from abuse, addiction, self-sabotage, infertility, a deadly diagnosis.(cancer), or just a person who has given up on themselves, this is a must read.

Joanette C. Rodriguez is a normal person like everyone else. She has experienced what many women have experienced, but has come out triumphant with a powerful story. She struggled but she got out.

I am reading this book because I need a permanent change in my life. I'm tired of the up and down rollercoaster of life. God inspired Joanette to write this book and I feel like it was made for me. I know I will see real change in my life. I choose to.


In 2020 the Devil tried to take both of our lives in different ways, but we fought through because of the grace of God. To Him be the glory!

I love you Boty. You are everything I want to be right now even though I haven't yet arrived. I am better because of you.


Buy this book! You won't regret it!



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Joanette C. Rodriguez was born in Clarksville, Tennessee to Puerto Rican parents serving the United States Army and Department of Defense. As a result she was blessed to grow up in Germany, North Carolina, Puerto Rico, and Virginia. She graduated with the class of 2008 from Mary Baldwin University (Go Fighting Squirrels!) located in Staunton Virginia. 

Joanette is happily married to Retired Cpl Garley, United States Marine Veteran and mother to their miracle born child, Danilo. Her family currently resides in the sunshine state of Florida.

Joanette has worked for fourteen years in Higher Education student services as an advisor, counselor, and manager. She enjoys helping students achieve their education and career goals. She loves the local church and is a member of Iglesia Cristiana Segadores de Vida located in Southwest Ranches, FL. 

Since surviving her battle with Breast Cancer in 2020, Joanette discovered her greatest passion for advancing the Kingdom through her intercession, ministry travels, small group Bible studies, theological studies, and writing.

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